I like making art. Some of my earliest memories of childhood involve art (another involves being left in a running car, and nearly running over my Grandfather, but that’s another story). I drew constantly, and as a result I got better. After high school I went to Art School. The American Academy of Art in Chicago to be specific, where I studied Illustration and oil painting.

After graduating, I left the snow and cold of Chicago and moved to the sweltering heat and misery of Las Vegas. I worked for a “theme” company, making sculptures, paintings, signs, and anything else you could think of, for casino decor. I gained real world experience and practical techniques in a place where construction and art were mashed together in an “I need it yesterday” environment. I did everything from sculpting to mold making, casting, faux finishing, fiberglass lamination, plastering, cast stone, and automotive paint spraying.

I bring all of these techniques to my 3D illustration, along with any material I find useful (one man’s trash, as they say). The figurative elements are made with Sculpey, and the final image has been carefully placed, lit, and photographed, all in one shot. Visit the “process” page for a view behind the scenes.

I’ve been a member of SCBWI since 2004.

Thanks for visiting!

-ernie D’Elia